Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we meet?

When I am in my hometown of Cleveland, I am able to provide accommodation in one of four parts of town: Downtown, Westlake, Beachwood, or Independence. If you provide the private space, then I will drive up to 30 minutes to meet you. Distances outside that radius are entirely possible, at an added cost of $50 per hour driven, including the return trip.

Why doesn’t your ad list rates or locations?

If you’re reading an “ad” without this information, that means I didn’t post it. There are a number of websites that look like ads from a distance, but the content is all scraped from legitimate ad directories. These scraper sites are a nuisance to providers and take advantage of inexperienced clients in order to make profit.

Will you provide a reference for me?

I have no problem providing a reference. Please contact me before asking another provider to call me. I will not give any information without a request directly from you.